Washingtonian’s 2015 Tech Titans show the growth of DC’s startup scene

Congratulations to the Washingtonian Magazine’s 2015 Tech Titans!

I’m glad to know many of the people on this list, including Rob Pegoraro, DJ Saul, Adam Zuckerman, Evan Burfield, Aaron Snow, Patrick Ruffini, Katie Harbath, Bridget Coyne, Jerry Brito, Marvin Ammori, Walt Mossberg and Blake Hall. I hope I can make the acquaintance of many more when we return to DC this fall. (Any time that you see me put on the same page as Vint Cerf, Robert Kahnand Steve Crocker, however, I also hope you get a good chuckle.)

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Many people in DC know it, but others may not: the DC Tech world includes a ton of startups, not just policy wonks, huge tech firms and government IT contractors. This list shows some of the folks who’ve built or nurtured those startups.

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