Entering the slipstream of a different Medium

When I logged onto Medium today, I had an familiar, welcome experience. I found myself scrolling through a river of updates that has come to embody the experience I expect on most social platforms over the five years, clicking through on some and then returning. I quickly found Gideon’s reaction to changes and then Ev Williams’ response to him, leading me to write now.

Tags and an in-line editor are an important shift, but Medium embracing the stream is the biggest change, to these eyes, and one that could lead to more people slipping into it. If the online masses do arrive and generate many more reads, comments, recommendations and responses, Medium might consider giving its users improved filters for the notifications that will also explode.

If the medium is the message, then Medium’s move to a river of updates could be a tipping point, just as Facebook’s newsfeed was an Internet eon ago.

Dad, writer, citizen, chef, cyclist, skeptical optimist, cereal dilettante. Open government advocate at E-PluribusUnum.org.

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